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Blogs and Business : who are these people?

I went to a OCRI Zone5ive event yesterday at lunch. The food was okay, the drinks were cold, but I had to leave my cookie on the table. The speaker was Shel Israel. He's a writer, speaker and consultant who knows alot about social conversations in a Web 2.0 enabled world. Basically, blogs. And corporations are starting to take notice. But, as one person asked, who are these bloggers? Are they your clients, your competition, or your detractors? What sort of person leaves a comment on a blog? It's a good question. What sort of person does leave a comment? And why did I have to leave my cookie on the table.

Focus... I said Focus : training for youth by youth

For those people who know my wife and I, we're both involved with Scouts Canada . I work with the older youth, those in the 14-17 age range (called Venturers ) and the 18-26 age range (called Rovers ). Recently I was asked to be the Course Leader for a course called Focus . The course should be set to run sometime in March, and will be run by an all youth training team. So, now where to find trainers?