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I know just what to get her...

And so, with Valentine's day coming up, I find myself wondering... Would you actually take advantage of an ad like this? Would you admit it to your girlfriend/fiance/spouse/partner that you got free software for buying them flowers? Don't you think that they might question your motives?

I have a Hero.

So my daughter was sick today... She woke up at around 4:00am by calling 'Daddy?!?'. She's 18 months old. I love the fact she calls for me when she gets scared. She's got a croup-y cough, so we decided that I'd stay home with her today. My newest heros are the people who deal with sick children/infants on a regular basis, I thought that the day would never end in one way. Nothing I could do seemed to make her happy, nothing I could bring her to eat was what she wanted. And she couldn't explain to me what was wrong, or what she wanted. Her language skills aren't that advanced yet. If you're one of those people who can do this every day, and keep your cool, then you are my hero.