Friday 16 May 2008

Windows Services not required for Domino?

I’m about to introduce a new server into our infrastructure, and this one is going to be totally dedicated to Domino, and running on a Windows 2003 platform. That said, I went looking for recommendations on what services in Windows I can completely disable in order to improve the performance of Domino without affecting the stability of the OS, or of Domino.

Reading through the scant few resources available, I came up with this list. Can anyone add anything to it?

o .NET Runtime Optimization Service

o Alerter

o Application Experience Lookup Service

o Application Layer Gateway Service

o Application Management

o Background Intelligent Transfer Service

o Clipbook

o Com+ System Application

o Computer Browser

o Cryptographic Services

o Distributed File System

o Distributed Link Tracking Client

o Distributed Link Tracking Server

o Distributed Transaction Coordinator

o Error Reporting Service

o Fax Service

o File Replication

o Help and Support

o HID Input Service


o Human Interface Device Access

o IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service

o Indexing Service

o Intersite Messaging

o Kerberos Key Distribution Center

o License Logging

o Logical Disk Manager

o Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service

o Messenger

o Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider

o Net Logon

o Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service

o Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing

o Network DDE

o Network DDE DSDM

o Network Provisioning Service

o NT LM Security Support Provider

o Portable Media Serial Number Service

o Print Spooler

o Remote Access Auto Connection Manager

o Remote Desktop Help Session Manager

o Remote Procedure Call Locator

o Removeable Storage

o Resultant Set of Policy Provider

o Routing and Remote Access

o Shell Hardware Detection

o Smart Card

o Special Administration Console Helper

o Telnet

o Terminal Services Session Directory

o Themes

o Uninterruptible Power Supply

o Volume Shadow Copy

o WebClient

o Windows Audio

o Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing

o Windows Image Acquisition

o Wireless Configuration