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I have a Mac, for a little while

So, my sister's hard drive died on her MacBook in the middle of an upgrade to Mac OS 10.   So, I have her Mac while we try and recover the hard drive data, and she has my Toshiba Windows XP system. We'll see how I like this 'it just works' thing and let everyone know.   Who knows, I may end up with one.   My wife just looked at it and said, 'I like the screen'.   I don't recall her saying that about the Toshiba.

Reserved Words in Domino Web Applications

Much frustration by one of our Domino developers this morning lead us to discover that having a DOM element named “action” on a web form causes all sorts of problems.  Like not being able to refresh or submit a form.   Makes me wonder if there are others…   I couldn’t find any in the Designer Help.   Anyone know of others?

How To: Enable a Windows User Account to Logon as a Service

As a Domino admin, I don’t use Windows for a whole lot.   I basically provides a platform on which to run Domino that anyone who needs to use it is familiar with.  As such, I am occasionally called upon to perform certain tasks within Windows that I don’t do on a regular basis.   Today, I had to perform one them, setting a user account to be able to logon as a service.  So, in case anyone else needs to do this as well, here’s how.   It’s generally only needed on Windows 2003 server, but here are the XP instructions just in case.     On Windows XP Professional At the taskbar, select Start|Control Panel Select 'Performance and Maintenance' Select 'Administrative tools' Double-click 'Local Security Policy' Within Local Security Settings|Local Policies, select 'User Rights Assignment' On the right, double-click 'Log on as a service' Check to see if the required user is listed as having this right. To add a user: clic

Jump to a specific line in Lotusscript editor

The team at TeamStudio has created a free add-on for Designer that allows you to hit CTRL-G and jump directly to a specific line number in the Lotusscript editor in Designer. Check it out here: This was a huge thing for me when I switched to Notes Designer from Dreamweaver. (I used to do only HTML and ColdFusion.)

Note to Self: Invalid Internet address specified

I saw the following error in my Domino mail logs yesterday; right after a developer told me there was a problem because their e-mail wasn’t getting sent. 06/02/2008 10:52:39 PM Router: Transferring mail to domain GMAIL.COM (host []) via SMTP 06/02/2008 10:52:44 PM Router: Error transferring message 000FCE5B via SMTP to;,;, Invalid Internet address specified. 06/02/2008 10:53:15 PM Router: No messages transferred to GMAIL.COM (host via SMTP I’ll admit I was skeptical, as no one else was complaining about mail going through, but the application in question was the first one installed on a new server, so I took it at face value. I ran some tests, tried to send e-mail from the application to a variety of e-mail accounts on different domains to see if it was a re-creatable problem, wh

E-mail's not that important, right?

Right in the middle of troubleshooting a mail routing issue in my domino domain, my wife comes up and tells me to get my butt downstairs and outside. Sometimes, the simplest things can remind you how blessed you are. Like a rainbow right over my house. If you look carefully, you can see that it's a double one...