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Showing posts from October, 2008

Weather Woes

Personally, I love it when my weather person starts with a bit of humor before delivering bad news. And this is what it looked like outside my front door this evening.

Data recovery in Yellowfin

So, while you’re working in Yellowfin, maybe your finger slips and you click delete, or it happens while you are thinking about something else.  However it happens, you’ve done the inevitable, you’ve deleted your SQL datasource.   After you quickly add it again, you realize that just re-adding it doesn’t restore your views or reports.    The CEO will be doing his regular daily review of the organization in 20 minutes and he starts with the reports.   No problem.   Fire up your SQL database client, open the Yellowfin database and manually edit the following tables.   Restoring your Datasource Open the ‘ReportViewSource’ table and look for your deleted datasource.   You’ll find it because it will have ‘DELETED’ in the ‘AccessCode’ column.    Change the value from ‘DELETED’ to ‘UNSECURE’.   (You may need to change it to ‘ACCESSLEVEL’ if you had security applied to the datasource.)   While you’re at it, make note of the value for the record in the ‘SourceID’ column.    We’ll need

USA vs the rest of the world

I placed 50 states in 231 seconds, with an average error of 11 miles over 6 states misplaced. I challenge everyone else to try. I wonder who will have the best score, an American or someone from elsewhere?

I need a day clock.

You know, why do some weeks just go like this? I need a day clock this week. It's the perfect gift for the overworked IT individual.