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New on PlanetLotus: How to leave Lotus Notes

I saw this today as part of my morning review. I don't have a problem with it per say, free speech is free speech, but advertising an event on leaving Lotus Notes being posted on a very Pro-Lotus site. That I find rather amusing.

New Lotus Trading Cards

Okay, what crazy week last week was. Here's today's installment.

Lotus Trading Cards - Set 2

Set #2 of Lotus Trading Cards has been released.

What's Hot on PlanetLotus? Looks like I am (was)...

More for the memories... I hit the top hot spot, for a little bit anyways, on

Lotus Trading Cards

I was painting the house last night, and my mind got to wandering... Bruce Elgort mentioned on Twitter last night that he was thinking of a VC fund for Lotus projects. So my mind wandered about that, and turned to how we present ourselves. I got to thinking that business cards are so ... old school. I think we need Trading Cards. So, here are the first few I've come up with.