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Showing posts from June, 2010

Fun Little Earthquake

It's 1:45pm EST in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We just had an earthquake.  Not strong enough to damage anything, but enough that I watched people run out of buildings. What a fun Wednesday.

Monday Morning Spam Poetry

A bit of Spam Poetry to start a Monday morning.   Usually, spam has a URL or something like that.   This one had nothing of the sort.   Just poetry. by chinese cabinets, conceived every black'ning church appals; sit in a cage and sing. why thou complainest not when in one hour thou fade away: to my other plain or fair and passes in a tear,-- keeps on playing handel's water music to my other plain or fair

Admin Notes: Domino 'graphical' user interface on AIX

I'm installing Domino 8.5.1 on AIX today. I love the GUI. Installation notes can be found here:

HTTP JVM: SEVERE: CFLAD####E: Command: {0}

I came across a new error in my Domino server console. HTTP JVM: SEVERE: CFLAD####E: Command: {0} I've opened a PMR with Lotus support because I couldn't find anything on it myself. I'll keep you posted if I find a solution.