Thursday, 24 February 2011

Admin Notes: DoS Attack possible via Java JDK/JRE in Domino

If you are running Java agents or applications within your Lotus Domino framework and converting to binary floating point numbers, you could be exposed to a DoS attack.

Read more here, and patch if you need to.

IBM - Potential Denial of Service Attack with Java JDK/JRE hanging in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino (CVE-2010-4476)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My Blackberry Playbook Sneak Peek

I had the opportunity Saturday night to play with the new RIM Blackberry Playbook.  Never thought I partied with the 'right' crowd, but it looks like I do.

It's pretty impressive.   The OS on the version I saw was still in alpha, but the function and feel of it were very nice.   I've played with the iPad, and between the two, I think I would probably go with the Playbook as my own tablet.   I find it fit better in one hand than the iPad, which for me is more favorable to reading or the like.

Anyway, you're probably looking for some pics, so I won't disappoint.

The backlighting was great.

Fingerprints of love.  They only show up with the flash, not otherwise visible.

Great size to hold in one hand.  Not heavy at all.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

How To: Enable LZ1 Compression by default on new databases

Currently, in order to enable LZ1 compression on a database, you need to do it manually.

With the Notes.ini variable found in technote 1452490, you can have it do this by default.


Translated from the German post found here: