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France and the Storage of Passwords (and other things)

There's an interesting new law in France that deals with data retention by ISPs and other web hosts. Interestingly enough, it defines web host as  "the natural or legal persons that provide, even gratuitously, for provision of public services to the public online communication, storage signals, writings, images, sounds or messages of any kind provided by recipients of these services. ".   It doesn't come right out and say, but it looks like if you allow the creation of online content, or the sharing of such content from within France, you need to keep this information. More Information: Application of article 6 II of the LCEN Enforcement Decree of the LCEN on data retention by ISPs and hosters "Digital Crime The following is the Google Translation from here . On 1 st March 2011 was published in the Official Journal Decree No. 2011-219 of 25 February 2011 on the conservation and communication of data to identify any person involved with the creation of an online

Shared Name

Turns out that there's a BBC journalist who shares the same name as me .  He's in the Ivory Coast and was reporting on the CBC World Report news this morning. In other news, we don't look alike .  So, if you happen to run into him in Ivory Coast, he's not me. Interestingly enough, there are 711 people who share my name on LinkedIn.