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Showing posts from August, 2011

Using Comics to Teach a Lesson

I'm a closet comic fan, I always have been.   I've found it can be a great way to get a lesson across, especially to children and teens. As a result, I always enjoy when I find a comic that I can use as part of a training I am giving, or a presentation I make.   I found one of those yesterday, and I wanted to share it. Post it in your lunchroom, post it on a bulletin board.  Post it where people will read it, and hopefully learn from it.

Wikimania Prize Package

I got my Wikimania prize package in the mail the other day. There were numerous items including a Spam Sentinel t-shirt, some IBM bottle openers, IBM bottle sleeves, and the best part, a copy of the Mastering XPages book. Gotta love it! Update: I just got a note from one of the organizers asking if I got the mugs.   Yup, I did.  Two shiny IBM mugs as well.   I'll snag a photo of it all tonight.

Admin Notes: The Hidden Field

I was implementing a third party plugin to Domino this morning, and was asked to put a certain value in a certain field. However, search as I did, I couldn't find the field in the server document. As you know, the server document uses the server form (server) in the address book (names.nsf).   I opened Domino Designer, opened the form, found the field I was looking for, checked the 'hise when' value, and discovered what I had to do to make it visible. Could only happen in Domino, and for that I love it.