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Two useful Domino fields you may not be using

Every once in a while you come across something you thought was common knowledge and discover someone who hasn't seen it. Here is my example. There are a few fields that were added back in Domino 7 that people may not be aware of... $$HTMLFrontMatter allows you to add a custom doctype declaration to a form.   Quite handy if your designer developed for something other than HTML 4.01 Transitional. $$HTMLTagAttributes allows you to add your own options to the HTML tag.   Reference

Bad Vendor. Go sit in the corner.

Here is a synopsis of a recent project over the last month. --- Asked vendor about specific feature. Vendor said feature was available. Brought unit in. Tested unit. Feature not available. Sent unit back. Asked vendor about lack of feature. Vendor replied that it would be available in future release. Stopped using vendor.