Monday 7 January 2013


I've often wondered about a home.  What makes a house a home?   I've lived many places, my parents houses, various apartments, from the back of a truck, a cabin in the woods, even a tent.   But I realize that I've never made the distinction between a house and a home.

For years, wherever I was I considered home.   I never really had the opportunity to put a real personal touch on the places that I've lived.   Sure, I could paint, and hang pictures, but I never had much choice to layout, or design, or anything like that.  I lived in what worked, wherever I was.  Usually, I lived where something was readily available.   Cheap rent, near a location, or because there was no other place.

Over the past few years, my wife and I have realized that our current house is a house, not a home.   The layout doesn't work, we get frustrated with furniture placement, and we can't move walls to make it work for the way we live.

There is a downside.   I love my yard, and my neighbourhood, and especially my neighbours.  I still remember the day we got possession of the house.  I was heading up to the door, talking to my wife on my cell phone, as she wasn't able to be with me.  (She'll be with me the next time.  Or else I'm not going...)  I walked up to the door, and this voice from behind me asked if I was the new owner.   It was Brian, from next door.   He was keeping an eye on the place and didn't want anyone breaking in.

I'm going to miss my neighbours.

You see, this house doesn't work for us.  The front entry (the only way in) is horridly crowded, with no nearby alternative storage, there's a sunken living room, the dining room is too small, and the family room just doesn't work.  The bedrooms work, but that's not where we spend the majority of our awake time.

So, we're buying a home.  Not only that, but it's a new build.  We've only just reserved out lot, but it's started...

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