Wednesday 4 October 2006

A stranger approaches...

So, wandering through the Disney Store at Bayshore last night with Sophia and my daughter, I was approached by a lady who told me I looked very professional, or something like that. She proceeded to ask me about where I worked, and how long I had worked there, as well as what I did for a living.

I thought that this was a strange event, very random. She said she was a manager for her company and she was looking for some new employees. (Strange way to get them.) She left me her number and asked me mine. i asked her what her company did, and she replyed 'Asset Management'.

So, here's how you recruit people. First you compliment them, to get them off guard. Then you get some background on them, and then you try and 'hire' them, knowing that they will probably be too polite to tell you off.

So, I'm now expecting a call, and I wouldn't be surprised if asset management turns out to be something like selling insurance, RRSPs, etc.

Guess we wait and see...

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