Monday, 2 October 2006

Background Information

So, for those who don't know, Susie and I recently moved from Petawawa to Ottawa. I work for a company named Bioniq as a web developer. She works for the Department of Defence for the Government of Canada.

While in Petawawa I spent my days doing Contractor and Government sales for a building supply company called CA Reiche & Sons. I spent my evenings working for Bioniq.

We've moved into a 4+1 bedroom house in Barrhaven. We have a large backyard for the city, complete with a pear tree, apple tree, crabapple tree and 2 cherry trees. Not to mention concord grape vines coming over the fence and blackberries in the corner. We have a large vegetable garden in the yard as well that we will be developing next year.

As for where we are going, no one quite knows. We just did have a daughter. You can see pictures of her and the house here.

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