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Searching for the Wild Unknown

I did a web search on "Wild Unknown" tonight... It came up with this from a song by Jimmy Buffett... I think I'll finnd some way to use it... Let me twirl In my world Out in the wild unknown Don't bug me Don't mug me That's all I have to say.

Growing Domino Databases

We have this database at work that started growing last week. We only noticed it because we got a message from the server that we were running low on disk space. Upon investigation, an archive database had grow by about 12 GB over the past few days. No, it’s important to note that this database doesn’t get anything added to it, it’s only there for reporting purposes, nor are there any views being added to the database, it is essentially static. It’s grown to the point that until we figure out what’s wrong with it, we’ve moved it to another server, but it’s still adding about 5 GB per day in space. We’ve compacted the indexes, compacted the database and nothing seems to work… If we make a new replica, it starts out at the correct size (about 29 GB) but then starts growing itself. Anyone come across this before?

What is Stephen Harper reading?

Yann Martel wrote a book called Life of Pi . Among other things, it is about a tiger and a man in a lifeboat. It became a very popular book, and has brought him onto the national scene. He's got a new project underway. It's titled "What is Stephen Harper Reading?". His goal is to ensure that Stephen Harper has things to do with his "stillness" that will enhance or extend his "stillness", and quite possibly enlighten his cultural knowledge at the same time. Link:

Looking for a new host...

Due to some problems with the reliability of my webhost, I'm in the market for a new one... I've found one that looks like it has potential... is based in India, but their servers are in Miami, FL... I think I'll give them a try...

Domino Web Clients and Attachments

So, I did some investigation today as to whether an authenticated domino web user still has access to attachments in documents that they have no access to. The easy answer would be no, but from what I’ve found, it seems that yes, the user may still have access to it. There is documentation on the IBM website that brings up the entire web client and attachment access, you can read it here: It discusses the $v2AttachmentOption internal field that exists in Domino 4.6 an later. I’ve followed their instructions, but found that as long as I had the exact URL of the attachment, I could still access the attachment, even though I didn’t have access to the document the attachment belongs to. It turns out, that although it wasn't stated, $V2Attachment Option isn't a security measure, but simply one to hide the attachment on a web document.

Dynamic setting of urls in Domino

With a Domino .nsf file, occasionally you need to move a database from one server to another, but how do you keep your links intact when the new server has a new URL? I have come up with 3 ways that I make use of that all return the same result. One is in formula language, one is in lotusscript and one in javascript. Formula Language [code]"https://" + @GetHTTPHeader("Host") + "/" + @ReplaceSubstring(@Subset(@DbName; -1); " " : ""; "+" : "/") + "/"[/code] Lotusscript [code]Dim Session As NotesSession Dim dbase As NotesDatabase Dim path As String Set Session=New NotesSession Set dbase=session.currentdatabase path = "https://" & Strrightback(Strleftback(dbase.HttpURL, "/"), "/") & "/" & dbase.FilePath & "/"[/code]