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Day 3: More shoveling

Another day, and even more shoveling. At least another 45 minutes. But at least I have a clean driveway. Here's a photo of the driveway after my evening on the roof the other day.

Back to 215

I've been bugged about a few things. One is this blog. The other is my weight. So, I'm going to see about bringing them together. I currently weight about 230lbs. I haven't gotten much exercise recently, so that would have alot to do with it. My goal is to drop 15 lbs. My theories for doing this are going to be this to start: Stop eating so much. I probably eat more than I should, so nows the time to cut back. Stop eating crap. I like sweets, and they aren't good for me. I'm not going to go cold turkey, just limit myself. Exercise. I'll spend at least 30 minutes every other day exercising, of some sort.