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Frustrations of Tech Support

In talking with a vendor today, and trying to get their web software setup (it runs on Tomcat) I was informed that they aren't sure why it isn't working with SSL. SSL has always been already setup in the past. Strange, my SSL is setup. And working fine, your software isn't... The first time I called them I was told that I was using the wrong JDK. I couldn't use 1.5, I had to use 1.4. Even though their own documentation said that JDK 1.5 is supported. As it turns out, it's supported, but it's not certified, so it may not work.... Grrr...

Domino, SSL and xSeries

I run a series of custom domino web applications on xSeries servers and all of it is SSL traffic. Anyone got any idea how to estimate how much processor time I'm devoting to SSL encryption/decryption? Would it be worth my while using a SSL appliance? Anyone else setup with a SSL appliance on Domino?

Corrupt Database... Help!

Great subject eh? So I have this Lotus Notes database, and somehow it got corrupted on me... We literally watched the database grow from 4 GB up to 64 GB in about 6 hours. Couldn't figure out how to stop it. Now I need to access the data in it, and can't open it up in the Notes client. And due to space limitations, no longer have it on the original Domino server. I have a server I can put it on now, I just can't replicate it up to the Domino server because I can't open it in the notes client, not even to bookmark it as it tries to do a consistency check before adding it to the workspace. Anyone have any ideas?

Domino Blogger & Friends Weight Challenge

The weight loss thing is getting a little tough. It's hard to motivate yourself to actually lose it. So I'm going to join up with an idea Curt brought up. The " Domino Blogger & Friends weight challenge ". Of course, living with a student pastry chef from Le Cordon Bleu is going to make it a little tough.

Connecting Apache 2.2.6 and Tomcat 5.5.25 on Windows 2003 Server (Part 1)

Install the JDK (Java Developers Kit) 1. Download the JDK from the the Sun Java site. ( ) 2. Run the installer and accept the defaults. 3. Setup your Java_Home environment variable. Goto Control Panel -> System. Click on Advanced. Click on Environment Variables. Click New. Enter Java_Home as the variable name. Enter the path to your JDK directory as the variable value. 4. Verify the environment variable setting Click Start -> Run. Type 'cmd' and click Run. Type 'echo %Java_Home%' and hit enter. Confirm that the screen displays your JDK path correctly.