Thursday, 17 January 2008

Corrupt Database... Help!

Great subject eh?

So I have this Lotus Notes database, and somehow it got corrupted on me... We literally watched the database grow from 4 GB up to 64 GB in about 6 hours. Couldn't figure out how to stop it. Now I need to access the data in it, and can't open it up in the Notes client. And due to space limitations, no longer have it on the original Domino server.

I have a server I can put it on now, I just can't replicate it up to the Domino server because I can't open it in the notes client, not even to bookmark it as it tries to do a consistency check before adding it to the workspace.

Anyone have any ideas?


  1. I'd run Fixup, Updall, and Compact from the local workstation on it (nfixup, nupdall, ncompact). I amnot sure of the switches, or even if you need to use the switches.


  2. Hi,

    If you have enough space I would suggest compact -c -i. You will save some space, if it finish at all of course, because of the views and maybe you will be able to open ...

    Good luck!