Thursday, 29 January 2009

All my Podcasts

I got to wondering how to go about finding out the cool podcasts that people listen to, in order to grow my own list of podcasts.


I guess the best way to discover what people listen to would be to get them talking, perhaps by sharing what I listen to.  So, here they are, the Podcasts that I currently have loaded on my iPod.  (In no particular order, even though they are numbered.


  1. Best Ads on TV – Video Podcast – Published weekly

I’ve always been a fan of advertising, never been involved in the industry, but love to see the unique ideas that people come up with to sell something.


  1. CBC Radio: Dispatches – Audio Podcast – Published weekly

CBC’s weekly radio show has short dispatches from correspondents from around the world.  Always eye-opening.


  1. CBC Radio: Search Engine – Audio Podcast – Published weekly

Trendy show about the best of the web.


  1. CBC Radio: Spark – Audio Podcast – Published Weekly

A crossover radioshow/blog.


  1. CBC Radio: Vinyl Café – Audio Podcast – Published Weekly

Stories from CBC’s Vinyl Café – Humorous, funny and music.


  1. IDoNotes (and sleep) – Audio Podcast – Random

News from the Lotus world


  1. Taking Notes – Audio Podcast – Random

News from the Lotus world


  1. The 1352 Report

News from the Lotus world