Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Domino 8.5 Server not starting as a Service on Windows 2008 Server

I came in this morning to find that overnight, my newest server decided to restart itself. At 3:00AM. That was the first clue as to why. Turns out that Windows Update was never disabled. So, nicely, it decided to install its updates and reboot.

Funny thing is, after the reboot, Domino never started up. Rather, it started up, but then shutdown about 9 seconds later. Long enough to send me a Fault Recovery Notification, but not long enough to trigger NSD. So, I end up with an e-mail saying that the server was restarted after a fault, but not why. Very useful.

First thing, I uninstall the 4 updates from last night. (This has worked for me in the past.) One at a time, with a reboot after each one. Each time I get the same e-mail, but nothing further.

Next step, run Domino as a Windows application, to see if I can see anything on screen. Low and behold, I can. It starts perfectly.

Next, shut Domino down and restart the service. No dice. Same story as before.

Quick search of the IBM support site reveals nothing. (Nothing useful to this at least.)

I found this thread on the Domino 8.5 forum on The solution there lead to this technote.
The premise behind it is to statically tie the IP address of the server to the TCPIP port, and to do the same for the server controller. I edited my notes.ini directly as I didn't want anyone to remove it from the server configuration document by accident someday.


My server is back up and running and I've done a few reboots to make sure it stays that way.

Another lesson learned.