Monday, 10 August 2009

Linux and Domino on a xSeries 440

So, I arrived at work this morning to a bit of a surprise. (Not a complete one, I did get a phone call yesterday afternoon asking me if I could use some (yes, some) xSeries 440 boxes as sandbox servers.

Of course, I said yes. I now have 3 of them. One 8-way CPU, 2 4-way CPU. All with 4 to 8 GB of RAM.

So, I'm going to take the 8-Way and turn it into a Domino on Linux platform, and take one of the 4-Ways and see if I can get VMWare ESXi on to it.

I'll post my love/hate affair with the process here for other who may come by equipment like this.

Oh, and expect a series of posts on getting Domino up and running on a P-Series. (or two... You should have an extra for spare parts, right?)

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