Wednesday 12 August 2009

Two Divas and That Guy

Just had to point out that two of the Divas (and that Brill fella) have their blogs in the Hot Blogs list on

To follow-up on all the women in IT postings. We have a great female programmer on our team, I'd probably even trade 2 of the guys on the team for another one like her. (Nothing against you other guys and all, but she's really good...)


  1. Not to disparage the two divas you're talking about, but I found that list rather surprising this morning, and took a look at the source report normally used by PL.

    I think PlanetLotus has a bug at the moment, because the two don't coincide. (I was waiting to see Yancy on Sametime all day so I could tell him, but evidently his real job kept him busy today!)

    That being said, I'm currently in agony that the one female developer on my own team is on maternity leave. She's absolutely irreplaceable. (Sorry, Tim and Devin.... but you know it's true!)

  2. Yeah, well... Until Yancy "gets it fixed", congrats are still in order regardless of how "surprising" it looked...

  3. @Duffbert. Of course. I was simply surprised because I expected the Yellow Day traffic to skew those rankings considerably.

    Kathy Brown and Marie Scott are great bloggers and assets to our community. And I'm delighted to see their names up there in any capacity.

    That Ed guy? Not so much.

  4. @Nate - The fact that it's true doesn't make it any less hurtful. Why are you so mean to me? Don't you love me any more? Does this make me look fat? Why do you hate my mother?

  5. Don't forget the "Notes Design Blog" entries are largely written by Mary Beth Raven. :-)