Monday, 14 September 2009

Canada is getting a LUG!!

Okay, so David blogged about it, so I suppose I can now!!
So, Canada is getting a Lotus User Group.   Country-wide it seems.  (Including the Caribbean.  I expect to see you there Francie!!!)
They're going to host a multi-city webcast/live event, all across the country.
It'll be October 1st, and run from 11:30am to 5:30pm EST, and you can see great people like me there...
Among the presenters will be Mary Beth Raven (IBM), David Julien (Ytria), Peter Janzen (IBM), Philippe Riand (IBM), Joseph Gerard (Customer Expressions), Kathy Collins (Sears), Laurie Desautels (Kryos Systems), Bill McNaughton (Kryos Systems), Frederic Dahm (IBM).
The locations are here:


1250 René Levesque Blvd West, 7th floor, room 777

Local Host: Angela Caruso,


2220 Walkley Road, e-Learning Room 1

Local Host: Connie Triassi,


3600 Steeles Ave. East, Room D103

Local Host: Anoop Sidhu,


227 - 11th Avenue SW

Local Host: Don Gillis,

(You great Americans and the rest of the world can probably drop in too...   Us Canadians are really welcoming...)