Friday 2 October 2009

1st Cross Country Lotus User Group

So, yesterday we had the 1st Cross Country Lotus User Group meeting in Ottawa, Markham, Calgary and Montreal.

For my part of the inital CCLUG, we met with David Clarke (Technical Manager - Canada & Caribean) in one of the IBM offices in Ottawa Ontario for our part of the 4 city and webcast CCLUG.

Starting the 1st CCLUG is a presentation by Kevin Lynch presenting "Life of the Notes ID" on lowering the TCO of Notes/Domino wth ID Vault and the PKI infrastructure.

New in 8.5.1 is the Windows single sign-on for Web Clients. Using the windows desktop password for your iNotes or web application login.

Future feature will move the person documents and IDs out of Domino Directory and into LDAP or ActiveDirectory.

ID Vault will simplify the provisioning of ID credentials. Uploads existing ID files to the vault. Streamlines the process for resetting lost passwords. Manages changes across multiple copies of Notes IDs. Provides 'Auditor' function to extract ID files for legal access to encrypted data.

Notes Shared Login elimiates the need to use Lotus Notes ID passwords. Password changes are controlled by the operating system password policies. No need to sync passwords between systems. No longer need policies to control the history, length, complexity of Notes passwords.

If made available, the presentation contains everything needed to configure the items listed above.

I'm wondering how Windows SSO for Web Clients would work in a SaaS Domino environment. Would be cool to allow a client logged into their Windows network to seemlessly connect to their SaaS Domino applications. Might be a new SSO type authentication to look into.

All documents used will be available on in the CCLUG community. (Or somewhere else, that may be determined.)

The next presenter is David Julien from Ytria in Montreal. David is presenting on Ytria's set of 7 Notes/Domino tools to find and change any and all settings of Notes Databases. Allows easy solving of replication or document field changes.

I just realized that my daughter has swimming lessons tonight and I have a feeling I'm going to miss Mary Beth Raven's session on what's coming in Notes 8.5.1.

David Clarke set out a number of initiatives for his team, one of which was establishing a LUG to help create a feedback chain around the Lotus product line.

Newsflash, the Lotus Knows bus will be in Toronto on November 2nd, and Ottawa on November 4th.

The last Ottawa LUG was active about 10 years ago, and regularily filled auditoriums. It consisted of business partners, end users, developers and admins and promoted an open technical exchange.

Apparently there is an Ontario LUG somewhere too...

The more I look at my notes, the more disconnected they seem. More updates to come.


  1. John: Great to meet you in person yesterday and thanks for the recap.

    Our team was very excited with the turnout and and participation and we're all looking forward to our next session.

    Just a point of clarification. The Lotus Knows Bus will be in Ottawa November 3rd (not 4th).


  2. ...also, information on the Ontario Lotus User Group can be found here...;=1946787&discussionID;=5941367&goback;=.anh_1946787

  3. ...also, information on the Ontario Lotus User Group can be found here...;=1946787&discussionID;=5941367&goback;=.anh_1946787