Monday, 26 April 2010

Admin Notes: Unable to read httpd.cnf

I recently installed a new Domino server.   Not an upgrade, but a scratch install.   As expected, everything went smoothly.

Until I started up the server.

Once I started the server, I noticed the following message:
HTTP Server: Using Web Configuration View
HTTP Server: Unable to read httpd.cnf
HTTP Server: Shutdown
I hit the web and came up with this IBM technote, "Httpd.cnf deleted during Domino server upgrade.".

But I didn't do an upgrade.  It was a fresh install of Domino 8.5.1, but low and behold, that was the issue.  I didn't install "Web Services Data Files" originally, but did in fact need them.   I went back, re-ran the installed and selected it.

The HTTP server now starts.

Another lesson learned.

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