Tuesday, 23 November 2010

How To: Compact Only Your Databases That Are Behind the Server ODS Level

Useful tip on how to compact only the databases on your server that aren't up to the ODS level set on the server.
In the compact task there is an option that allows you to run an undocumented ODS-run copy-style compaction only to databases that have a version ods less than that specified in the notes.ini of the server (eg Create_R85_Databases = 1) .
load compact-ODS
Image: load compact-ODS (option not documented)
Very useful to avoid time-consuming copy-style on everything or having to specify each database.

Credits for this tip go to Vincenzo Capponcelli who originally posted them in Italian here: http://www.zoolotus.org/blog/vcapponcelli.nsf/dx/2311201012.02.48VCAEYC.htm

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  1. Yeah, great new options in 8.5.1+ with compact. Also, my colleague David Brown posted about this new ODS option 2 months ago here.