Thursday, 20 January 2011

Irritating Domino Error

I found this in a log file today while looking for something else:

01/20/2011 09:35:27 AM  Database collection open error: e:LotusDominoDatanames.nsf: View is damaged.  Please rebuild it (by pressing shift-F9 or running UPDALL -r).
01/20/2011 09:35:27 AM  Error updating view '#445806' in names.nsf: View is damaged.  Please rebuild it (by pressing shift-F9 or running UPDALL -r).

#1.  I love that they told me how to fix it.
#2.  I wish I knew which view that actually is.  I don't have an numbered views in my address book.

Once I find out how to translate the view number to a view name, I'll let you know here.


  1. That number is probably the NotesID of the view note. You can check that using Ytria ScanEZ or similar tool (Free if used readonly)

  2. You don't have to know the view name for this case. Updall -r names.nsf rebuilds all views.

  3. The issue with that is not being able to rebuild all views during production hours.

  4. Yes, it's the NoteID.

    First, open calculator in Windows then switch to View > Programmer. Put in 445806 and then change the number from Dec to Hex and this gives you 6CD6E.

    Then open admin client, go to files and find that db. Then expand Tools on the right and then Database and then click Find Note. Put in the hex value from above and you'll be able to see what view it is by clicking on the $TITLE field. Then go to Manage Views and purge that view. Though it could be related to a design error and you might need to delete the view and refresh the design to create it again.

  5. Found it, it turns out it was a ($Policy) view in the names.nsf.

    Unfortunately I had to do a rip and replace with the names.nsf from another server. Couldn't fix the view in that DB.