Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Life beyond a Miami Beach: Day 6

This is it.  Today we start on the next phase of our vacation and board the cruise ship.

I'm looking forward to it, but at the same time am a little anxious.  I've never done anything like this before.

We were up early this morning and did the last of our packing before heading to the lobby to catch the cab.  Despite asking about car seats for the cab, the cab didn't arrive with them.  Thank goodness that traffic was light.  I was rather nervous about the drive to the port and didn't think about the fact that the camera was in the trunk of the cab, and not in my pocket.  I wish I'd had it with me.

We got out of the cab, settled our account and looked around at the people everywhere and had no idea what to do next.  Turns out that there are people in white hats who take your luggage for the baggage check.  I'm glad I arrived at the port with our luggage already tagged.

After someone checking our boarding passes and security, we had someone check our boarding passes, and then checked in to the ship (note: we have yet to get on the ship yet.).  We sat and waited until our boarding number was called (we were #14) and headed up the escalator (not the one we were sitting near of course) and had someone check our boarding passes befor walking the gangway onto our ship and had someone checking our boarding passes.

A quick elevator ride to the top deck (Deck 9, Lido deck) and we found the lunch options (we didn't know that there would be a lunch available, we didn't read that beforehand, and had made provisions to have for lunch).  We grabbed some food and began the discovery process that any buffet line that begins with salad options is shorter than any other line, especially those with deep fried foods.

We found our room, asked for one of the bunks to be lowered and that the mini bar be emptied so we could put the Turtle's milk in it.  Note to future first time cruisers, milk for your children can only easily be gotten at breakfast and dinner, not lunch.  If you have a child with a lactose reaction like me, you can get soy milk in the morning through room service (free, but with the suggestion of a gratuity) or at dinner in one of the sit down restaurants.  We'd order enough with room service to allow us enough for the day.

We took part in the safety briefing and returned to make sure that our cabin was outfitted with life jackets for the kids.  We met our room steward, his name was Eufracio but told us to call him E.

Dinner was served in the Platinum restaurant, and is a 3-7 course affair depending on what you order.  Me, I'm allergic to raw tomatoes, so I tended to skip anything that had raw tomatoes in it, or that looked like it might.  The dining room was great, the food was great, and the kids ate from the adult menu as it was much healthier than the kids menu.  Seriously Carnival, can't you come up with some children's menu items that aren't deep fried?

When we returned to our stateroom that night, I made the happy discovery that the crib fit in the bathroom of our stateroom, allowing us to put the Turtle down for a nap without requiring the rest of us to sit in the dark.

Anway, bed for tonight.  Into Nassau tomorrow for our first port day.


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