Thursday, 20 January 2011

Life beyond a Miami Beach: Day 7

Up for our first port destination: Nassau in the Bahamas.

We actually bought a shore excursion for Nassau.  A glass bottom boat tour.  If I had to pick a word to describe it, it would be "meh".  It was a 90 minute tour that consisted of a slow drive through the harbour where the "narrator" talked to us about who used to live in which house along the shore.  Really, I'm here for the glass bottom part, not for who used to live where.  The glass bottom part was okay, but consisted of us standing around 2 viewing "boxes" with 4 windows at the bottom of each.  What we didn't realize is that they were throwing bread overboard upstairs while we were downstairs to bring the fish in.  So, we weren't really seeing it "au natural".  And due to over crowding of the tour, we ended up sitting and waiting while the other half of the passengers got their chance to see.  We then took a return trip through the harbor.

The Toad enjoyed the looking at the fish, but was bored for about 70 of the 90 minutes.  The Turtle was bored for most of it, but then he's pretty young and he wasn't in the mood to sit still.

We returned and wandered through the straw market, and to be quite honest, the merchants were nice up until you said you were just looking at the moment, and then got rather rude.  We make it a practice to not buy things from rude people and left the straw market empty handed.  We did get the Toad a purse with Tinkerbell on it, and my wife got a few nice inexpensive necklaces.  I really doubt that most things we saw were made locally, aside from the carvers we saw actively doing carving.

Tonight was formal night, and everyone took the time to pretty themselves up.  It was enjoyable to dress up a bit for dinner, as the elegant look is more what I would expect when dining in a restaurant of that caliber.

We also registered the Toad in Camp Carnival.  An opportunity for her to go and play with others her own age and make some friends.  It's included at no extra charge (one of the few things I've discovered) and they even take children if you go off ship in port and provide a cell phone to you in case of emergency.


Water, Lemonade and Iced Tea (unsweetened) are available for free all the time to drink, but soft drinks and of course anything alcoholic is an extra.  As are milk, juice and fancy coffee outside of meal times.

You are allowed to bring 1 bottle of wine or up to 12 cans of pop onboard with you when you board.  The corking fee is $10 per bottle, but can still make it much cheaper than buying wine by the glass or bottle.

Bottled water is available for sale, but you can bring your own bottle and fill it up almost anywhere on the ship.

Tomorrow is a "Sea day" while we make our way down to St. Thomas.  We'll be in St. Thomas on Wednesday.


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