Friday 14 January 2011

Life on a Miami Beach: Day 3

We got up early this morning all bight eyed and bushy tailed. Actually, we didn't. We stayed in bed until the kids woke us. Once we got up, we ate, got dressed and went back out to catch the 120 bus again, for another quick tour though Miami Beach and across the MacArthur Causeway, getting off on the other side of the causeway from the Miami Children's Museum.

It was a long walk around and under the causeway to the museum. All-in-all I was impressed by the museum. In the time we spent there, the Toad rushed from one area to another to see it all. She didn't spend much time sitting still. There was a 'Main Street' area with a bank, doctor/dentist office, and a grocery store. A vet clinic, fire station and a really cool dinosaur area. The dinosaurs were electronic, in other words, they moved.
We met a friend of mine at the museum, with his kids. It was great to be able to mix a little bit of work into my vacation.
We left the museum, hopped on the 120 bus back to the hotel so the Turtle could have a nap. The Toad and I went to the beach before dinner and played in the water some more. This time watching for 'big blue balloons'.
We headed back to the grocery store before dinner, picked up some nachos, salsa and looked at easy lunch options for Sunday. We also picked up two bottles of 'Little Penguin' wine to take on the cruise with us. No point in paying for wine when I am allowed to bring my own.
After a dinner of leftover pasta with melted cheese on top, we put the kids to bed and relaxed in front of the TV. Something that never happens at home.

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  1. Dude, you didn't mention the ball(oon) drop they did at noon for the kids, as it was new year's eve.
    They all had fun and great to see you.