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Life on a Miami Beach: Day 5

This morning, we actually slept in.  I was the first one up and went across the street on a coffee run.  McDonalds coffee really isn't all that bad, and it is much better than the in room coffeemaker.

We took today as a relaxation day.  We went for a walk around the neighbourhood, picked up some postcards and went for a walk on the beach.

After a lunch of sandwiches, we put the Turtle down for a nap and I took the Toad to the beach.

An afternoon of watching a movie on the Disney channel, a trip to the grocery store for tomorrows lunch and some veggies and we called it a day.

A few observations:

People, especially men, should not wear thongs to the beach.  This is even more important if the thong wearer has a lot of body hair.

Although we now have credit cards with a chip in Canada, I have yet to come across a single credit card machine down here that uses the chip.

I was reminded today about the tide, both high, and low.  No wonder the water level at the beach seemed to fluctuate from day to day.

Yesterday was the first time I have ever heard a person referred to as a 'baby mama', not a girlfriend, partner, wife, etc.

In South Beach, on New Years Eve, you have to pay to reserve a table.  The fellow I spoke to paid $250 to reserve a table at a restaurant in South Beach.  Not even on the beach, or even facing the fireworks, or even a top end restaurant.  Just for a regular restaurant and having the honor of then paying for a meal.


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