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Looking for Domino/Network Administrator

I'm slightly biased, but the company I work for is hiring a Domino/Network Administrator.   If you're interested after reading the description below, contact me and I'll pass your interest along.

Position Description:
The successful candidate will be responsible for ongoing development and administration of our web server farm and office server infrastructure including network and workstation hardware/software.
You need to be skilled in setup and support of TCP/IP networks, firewall, back-up/recovery solutions and server o/s including Windows/Linux as well as web servers such as Tomcat.  Your background includes education/certification in network infrastructure, security and operating systems.  Knowledge of Lotus Domino and database operating environments would be an asset.  Exposure to an AIX environment would also be helpful.
If you thrive on a wide variety of challenges, are interested in leading new initiatives, learning and applying new technologies and growing in a dynamic work environment - where your skills, innovative ideas and dedication are valued, encouraged and rewarded, this position should be of interest to you.


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