Thursday, 23 June 2011

Basic Information Security Practices missing at most Small Businesses

As I read this article earlier today, I have to say that I am not really all that surprised.

Most small businesses are more concerned with their day-to-day operations and where the next client is coming from than they are around spending the time to creating policies and processes to manage security.
Although 78.6% of respondents were aware of the legal requirements of storing, keeping, and disposing confidential data, 31.1% never trained staff on the company’s information security procedures and protocols, and 35.5% of companies have no protocol in place for storing and disposing confidential data.

With any small business there is only so much time and so much to get done.  Most processes exist, but are usually non-documented, and quite often verbal.
“Most things are passed around in an oral tradition, rather than a written tradition. Information is imparted verbally, and companies don’t tend to have formal policies and procedures in place until that start to grow more”

Without a training program, and documented procedures, what are the chances that something like this may happen more and more often?

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