Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Security Review - 6/7/2011

Similar to a number of other breaches (Sony, Epsilon, Lockheed-Martin), hackers seem to mostly be targeting the 'larger' targets, that will bring a lot of public exposure.

The Conservative Party of Canada site was the target of such an attack this week, as were many branches of the Sony empire.  The Kingston Police department just got their website back online on Tuesday following a breach.

It's no surprise then that Vermont Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy has introduced a bill that would set a national standard for notifying consumers of breaches, and would make it a crime to conceal a data breach.

Is there any doubt why Canadian companies are wary of the cloud?
As a result, Canadian firms tend to experience fewer security lapses. On average, 43% of global companies reported a breach within the last year versus 38% in this country.

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