Wednesday 20 July 2011

Admin Notes: Is your SMTP server running TLS?

I found a great website today that allows you to check if the mail server for your domain supports TLS.

This is a great tool to see if an email you send a client, colleague or even your buddy will be transmitted as open text.   It's also a great tool for troubleshooting your Domino mail server.

Check it out here:


  1. Do you know if there is anyway to configure Domino force a TLS connection to specific domains?

  2. There is no way in Domino to force TLS for specific domains, unless you can spare a separate Domino server for sending only TLS email. If you can do that, setup multiple foreign domain documents (each matching a specific domain) and specify that they need to relay through that TLS only server.

    I haven't done that directly, but I have used foreign domain documents to specify which server mail should be relayed through in the past. It should work without issue.