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My ATM is running Windows 98?

Picture this, you walk up to an ATM belonging to your bank and find the error below on the screen.

Do you change banks?




  1. Looks like someone hacked it but win98 or not, what do you expect from a dumb terminal?

  2. The NCR ATMs are made in Dundee, Scotland.  They run standard system software and hardware components (like Windows 98) , but have been extended to handle true multitasking, card readers, encryption and other specialised hardware components of the ATM. So because of their specialised nature, don't need to have the latest system software or software patches.

    Ironically, they are more than a decade more advanced in the computer system than were used in all the US space shuttled program that was retired this year.

  3. Picture this, you walk up to an Notes client belonging to your company and find the error "server not responding" on the screen. Do you change company?

  4. @d16c25565d7fa67e5d0834859f5f60bb:disqus Good point Bart.  But will your parents or grandparents react the same way?

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