Friday 18 November 2011

Domino Disk Performance

So, today marks the first day that I've had a chance to play with our new Domino server.   Most of the hardware is pretty standard.   IBM 3650M2 hardware, 12GB of RAM and 2 quad core CPUs.

Usually, the performance bottleneck I run into is disk access.   Today, I'm trying some new hardware to see if we can eliminate that bottleneck.

Here are my first results:

This spike was the result of starting a compact -C on a database with a size of 1.6GB and 150,000 documents.  It took 2 minutes to complete.

I'll let you know how performance continues.


  1. Hi John,

    Good luck with your new server. If you are using NTFS, one thing to watch out for is fragmentation. It can sap the performance of your new hardware very quickly, especially if you are using compact -c. Check out our blog for more information.

  2. or get the free DominoDefrag from created by Andrew

  3. I agree with Blob - free copy of Domino Defrag from OpenNtf --> has an enterprise service offering that gives you domino defrag for as many servers as you need along with support - we have 100+ servers using this program without issue..

  4. One is a blatant copy of the other.