Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Help: Domino ACLs and Email Address as User Login

It's not often I resort to the LazyWeb method of looking for information, but I haven't had any luck finding what I was looking for otherwise.

I have a client who wants to use their email address to log in to a Domino web application.

My memory tells me that there is/was an issue with this and using Groups in the ACL of the Domino database.

Can anyone point me to any resources on how to do this, or that it can't be done, or anything along those lines?



  1. I just tested this on my mail file. If the person document for that user contains the email address in the Short Name/UserID field, he can use it to log in.

    Dan Soares

  2. Most all my users login in this way. I don't have any ACL issues in groups. Http is set to adhere to ACL in Database. We also have SSO with Quickr and group ACL works there also. We don't have email address in the short name.