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Space Fan

It's funny. I was always a big space fan when I was younger. I followed a few shuttle missions and so on, but really didn't pay much attention to any space program for the past 25 years. I'm proud to say that a Canadian, Col. Chris Hadfield, was the one to get me excited about space again. This time I can share my excitement with my kids. My son, Isaac had this conversation at daycare yesterday: Isaac: Chris Hadfield is coming to my house!! Daycare: Really? Are you sure? Isaac: Yes! My mom said that!  Daycare: She did? Isaac: She said that! She did said that! She said, Chris Hadfield is coming home!!

Flushing 3lbs of carrots down the toilet

Because if my toilet could do that, my children would try to flush everything...

Voice mail to text fail

My wife has a voice mail to text feature enabled on her phone.  It successfully delivers a text message after someone leaves voice mail.  The actual transcription still needs a bit of work however... "Hey Susy it's Morna calling at phil-fine(?) Penny it's me your-word-bob(?) and we're going through and I'm trying to pull up the batch in my cell and I can get access to the the new one. All I can be in the afternoon-our-code(?) and when I pull up a report it's Nancy. I had. So I need to know what the latest(?) back to the Christmas on so I can make sure that we cut the right track. So I'll be home a little bit after 9:00-i'll(?) be about 9:30 but go..." I'm aware of the context of the conversation, but even that doesn't help me to understand what was being conveyed.

Security Awareness Training - By Ellen

Need to start building your Security Awareness Training program at work?  Start with this video.   Anyone who thinks this is a great idea, should be given an Etch-A-Sketch.

Found Old Tech: IBM Thinkpad Transnote

I've been doing some cleaning in anticipation of our move, and I came across one of these.   I forgot I even had it.   Works perfectly, and was really awesome in its day. In its day, back in 2001, it retailed for about USD $3000.   Probably the barrier to adoption.  (That's the equivalent of about $4000 in 2012.)