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Voice mail to text fail

My wife has a voice mail to text feature enabled on her phone.  It successfully delivers a text message after someone leaves voice mail.  The actual transcription still needs a bit of work however...

"Hey Susy it's Morna calling at phil-fine(?) Penny it's me your-word-bob(?) and we're going through and I'm trying to pull up the batch in my cell and I can get access to the the new one. All I can be in the afternoon-our-code(?) and when I pull up a report it's Nancy. I had. So I need to know what the latest(?) back to the Christmas on so I can make sure that we cut the right track. So I'll be home a little bit after 9:00-i'll(?) be about 9:30 but go..."
I'm aware of the context of the conversation, but even that doesn't help me to understand what was being conveyed.


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