Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lotus Domino and Tivoli Directory Integrator

There is a great series of blog posts on Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) going on by Marie Scott and Thomas Duff.
I actually have a project that I'm hoping TDI with solve for me, so I've been reading all their articles on the subject, and looking for some other sources as well.
Here's a quick list of sources aside from the ones above that I've compliled.
Oh, and Ed Brill says that we get to use TDI v7 when Domino 8.5.1 ships...

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Loading Yellowfin on Linux

Did you follow all the instructions but still can't get your Yellowfin to load on Linux?
See this link:
(If this makes no sense to you, and there is a good chance it won't, just ignore it.   If you've installed Yellowfin on a Linux platform and can't get the freakin' login page, follow the link.)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Friday, 18 September 2009

Not a Cabbage Patch Kid...

Every once in a while, you come across something interesting in the garden.

Today, I found a very large zuchinni. Here it is next to Isaac for reference.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Shocking Lotusphere News!

Hmm... A subtle message delivered in the middle of the night. Almost makes you wonder if they are hiding something... I smell conspiracy...

(If nothing else this will ust get you all fired up about Lotussphere 2010, featuring the inaugural Lotussphere 5K, which is supported by this person, this person and this person.

Ubuntu and DB2

Just a quick note really to pull a few resources into one place.
Installing DB2-Express C on to Ubuntu server, you need to do the following:
sudo apt-get install libstdc++5 sudo apt-get install libaio-dev sudo ./db2setup
References here, here and here.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Canada is getting a LUG!!

Okay, so David blogged about it, so I suppose I can now!!
So, Canada is getting a Lotus User Group.   Country-wide it seems.  (Including the Caribbean.  I expect to see you there Francie!!!)
They're going to host a multi-city webcast/live event, all across the country.
It'll be October 1st, and run from 11:30am to 5:30pm EST, and you can see great people like me there...
Among the presenters will be Mary Beth Raven (IBM), David Julien (Ytria), Peter Janzen (IBM), Philippe Riand (IBM), Joseph Gerard (Customer Expressions), Kathy Collins (Sears), Laurie Desautels (Kryos Systems), Bill McNaughton (Kryos Systems), Frederic Dahm (IBM).
The locations are here:


1250 René Levesque Blvd West, 7th floor, room 777

Local Host: Angela Caruso,


2220 Walkley Road, e-Learning Room 1

Local Host: Connie Triassi,


3600 Steeles Ave. East, Room D103

Local Host: Anoop Sidhu,


227 - 11th Avenue SW

Local Host: Don Gillis,

(You great Americans and the rest of the world can probably drop in too...   Us Canadians are really welcoming...)

Domino and Web Admin Reader Access

So, here is the scenario.

I'm stepping back a bit from the day-to-day server maintenance. I needed to setup an employee to be able to log into the Domino webadmin.nsf database to see if there were any users logged into the server.

I gave the fellow 'View only' administrator permissions in the Server Document, and then gave him 'Reader' access to the webadmin.nsf database, and set him up with only the 'ServerStatus' role.

When he went to log into the database, he got a pop-up with 'You are not authorized to perform that operation.'.
In the server log, I found the following:

So, it looks like an agent gets run on access to webadmin.nsf, that the 'Reader' level user doesn't have permissions to run.

A quick test across all my servers shows that it's only an issue in the 6.x code stream. Domino 7.x and 8.x work fine.

So, now the work around I found. Grant your user 'Author' access, have them access the webadmin.nsf application, then lower them to 'Reader' again. It'll be a bit (read: great) pain, but a good reason to upgrade to Domino 8.5.

Domino Insufficient Memory - Server Executive Pool is Full

Found the following error in my Miscellaneous Events log after a crash the other night. It occured after a Notes Client could not access the server, but server access could still be made through HTTP and SMTP.
ERROR MESSAGE: Notes error: Insufficient memory - server executive pool is full.
Turns out it's a problem with Domino 8.5. There are 2 fixes, one short term, one long term.
Short term, reboot the server. That'll give you around 2-3 days before the server process has memory issues.
Long term, upgrade to Domino 8.5 FP 1. It solves the issue.
There's also a Notes.ini variable you can add short term.
I found it here, which lead here.