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How to: Restore the Sametime Emoticon Palette

Problem Client reports that they cannot add new emotions to Sametime. and/or Client does not have the emoticons palette in the Preferences menu. Solution Close the Lotus Notes client. Copy the contents of the <Data Dir>\workspace\.metadata\.plugins\\palettes folder to somewhere safe.   This will allow the user to keep any existing emoticons. Delete the contents of the <Data Dir>\workspace\.metadata\.plugins\\palettes folder. Launch Lotus Notes.  The emoticons preferences will be back.

Ice cream day

It was ice cream day at work today. Cool.

Surgery Update

Surgery was a success.  They removed her entire thyroid gland, but did not need to remove the para-thyroids or lymph nodes.  As well there was no long term damage done to the nerves leading to the vocal cords. Please people, tell the women you know to check their neck.  


I guess I've kind of surprised myself by not doing this earlier.  I'm not sure why I didn't. Back in the middle of February my wife and I bought a new house.  15 hours later, we discovered that she had thyroid cancer. We let the house deal fall through, there was no way we were going to deal with cancer treatment and move at the same time.  There is no way that we were going to allow that much stress into our lives. It was a shock, but I came to terms with it.   It's a type of thyroid cancer called papillary thyroid cancer .  It has a high survival rate of  96 to 97%. Anyway, her surgery is tomorrow, they will be performing a total thyroidectomy.  Wish us luck.